Australian Steel Framing is a fantastic choice for your Wall Frames due to their durability, accuracy and their high strength to weight ratio.

Steel Wall frames offer a quick and efficient build without any compromise to the structural integrity of the building. Our Quality TRUECORE® Steel Wall frames come prefabricated to exact specifications so they can be erected without fuss on site. Service holes are pre-cut and eliminate the need to drill for plumbing and electrical services saving on additional labour costs.

Australian Steel Framing can construct Internal and External Steel Wall Frames to any specification giving greater scope for the design of your building than traditional timber frames. Our top of the line technology and equipment ensures your steel wall frames are superior in quality and finish. Your frames will always be straight and true so there is no costly time onsite eliminating mistakes. Additionally, your frame will remain true over time as steel won’t warp or flex like timber frames are prone to do.  

Steel wall frames are also termite and borer proof and have no need for toxic chemical pest treatments. Your Australian steel Wall frames are manufactured in our Central Coast manufacturing facility and will be supplied complete and ready for assembly onsite.

Australian Steel Framing Wall Frames