Australian Steel Framing can manufacture Steel Roof Trusses for your building project. Our Steel Roof Trusses are lightweight and can be built to any design using our high-end software and equipment.

Steel Roof Trusses offer many benefits to builders and clients alike. They are lightweight – making handling and manoeuvrability onsite easier – but rigid, allowing greater spans with less material. Your roof space has additional fire protection with Steel Roof Trusses as the combustible material within the roof cavity is greatly reduced.

Steel Roof Trusses can be manufactured to suit a multitude of roof materials giving you greater scope for the design of your building. Steel Roof Trusses are a recyclable material and therefore offer environmental as well as cost benefits.

By pre-manufacturing your Steel Roof Trusses in our Central Coast factory, the build time onsite is greatly reduced. Australian Steel Framing only use TRUECORE® quality steel which also carry the benefit of a 50 year warranty (to approved purchasers).

Australian Steel Framing Steel Roof Trusses